[Fatir 35:19] And the blind and the sighted are not equal!

[Fatir 35:20] And neither are darkness and brightness!

[Fatir 35:21] And neither are the shadow and the hot sunshine!

[Fatir 35:22] And not equal are the living and the dead! Indeed Allah causes them to listen *, whomever He wills; and you cannot make those who are in the graves ** listen. (* Listen to guidance **The disbelievers are referred to as dead, whose fates are sealed.)

[Fatir 35:23] You are purely a Herald of Warning.

[Fatir 35:24] And O dear Prophet (Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him), We have indeed sent you with the Truth, giving glad tidings and heralding warnings; and there was a Herald of Warning in every group.

[Fatir 35:25] And if these disbelievers deny you, those before them had also denied; their Noble Messengers came to them with clear proofs and scriptures and the bright Book.

[Fatir 35:26] Then I seized the disbelievers; so how did My rejection turn out?

Section 4

[Fatir 35:27] Have you not seen that it is Allah Who causes the water to descend from the sky? So with it We have grown various colourful fruits; and among the mountains are tracks white and red, of different hues, and others dark black.

[Fatir 35:28] And similarly the colours of men and beasts and cattle, are different; among the bondmen of Allah, only the people of knowledge fear Him; indeed Allah is the Most Honourable, Oft Forgiving.

[Fatir 35:29] Indeed those who read the Book of Allah, and keep the prayer established, and spend from what We have bestowed upon them in secret and publicly, are hopeful of a trade in which there is never a loss.

[Fatir 35:30] In order that He may reward them with goodness in full, and further increase it with His munificence; indeed He is Oft Forgiving, Most Appreciative.