[Yaa-Seen 36:55] Indeed this day the dwellers of Paradise are in comfort, with blissful hearts.

[Yaa-Seen 36:56] They and their wives are in shades, reclining on thrones.

[Yaa-Seen 36:57] In it (paradise) are fruits for them and whatever they ask for.

[Yaa-Seen 36:58] Upon them will be “Peace” - a Word from their Merciful Lord!

[Yaa-Seen 36:59] “And be separated (from others) this day, O you criminals!”

[Yaa-Seen 36:60] “O Descendants of Adam! Did I not take a covenant from you that you shall not worship the devil? Undoubtedly, he is your open enemy.”

[Yaa-Seen 36:61] “And that you shall worship Me? This is the Straight Path.”

[Yaa-Seen 36:62] “And he has indeed led a large number of you astray; so did you not have sense?”

[Yaa-Seen 36:63] “This is hell, which you were promised.”

[Yaa-Seen 36:64] “Enter it this day - the recompense of your disbelief.”

[Yaa-Seen 36:65] This day We will set a seal on their mouths, and their hands will speak out to Us and their feet will bear witness to their deeds.

[Yaa-Seen 36:66] And had We willed, We could have quenched their eyes so they would rush towards the path, unable to see a thing.

[Yaa-Seen 36:67] And had We willed, We could have disfigured their faces while they were in their homes, therefore unable to go forward or turn back.

Section 5

[Yaa-Seen 36:68] And whomever We bring to an old age, We reverse him in creation; so do they not understand?

[Yaa-Seen 36:69] And We have not taught him (Prophet Mohammed- peace and blessings be upon him) to recite poetry, nor does it befit him; it is nothing but an advice and the bright Qur’an.

[Yaa-Seen 36:70] To warn the living *, and to prove the Word against disbelievers. (Only the believers are deemed alive in Allah’s sight.)