[Saffat 37:25] “What is the matter with you, that you do not help one another?”

[Saffat 37:26] In fact this day they have all surrendered.

[Saffat 37:27] And some of them inclined towards others, mutually questioning.

[Saffat 37:28] They said, “It is you who used to come to us from our right, in order to sway.”

[Saffat 37:29] They will answer, “You yourselves did not have faith!”

[Saffat 37:30] “And we did not have any control over you; but in fact you yourselves were rebellious.”

[Saffat 37:31] “So the Word of our Lord has proved true upon us; we will surely have to taste (the punishment).”

[Saffat 37:32] “We therefore led you astray, for we ourselves were astray!”

[Saffat 37:33] So this day they all are partners in the punishment.

[Saffat 37:34] This is how We deal with the guilty.

[Saffat 37:35] Indeed, when it was said to them, “There is no God except Allah”, they were haughty.

[Saffat 37:36] And they used to say, “Shall we forsake our Gods upon the sayings of a mad poet?”

[Saffat 37:37] In fact he has brought the Truth, and testified for the Noble Messengers!

[Saffat 37:38] “You surely have to taste the painful punishment.”

[Saffat 37:39] “And you will not be compensated except for your deeds.”

[Saffat 37:40] Except the chosen bondmen of Allah.

[Saffat 37:41] For them is the sustenance known to Us.

[Saffat 37:42] Fruits; and they will be honoured.

[Saffat 37:43] In Gardens of peace.

[Saffat 37:44] Facing one another on thrones.

[Saffat 37:45] Cups of wine will be presented to them in rounds, from a spring flowing in front of them.

[Saffat 37:46] White, delicious for the drinkers.

[Saffat 37:47] Neither does it intoxicate, nor give a headache.

[Saffat 37:48] And with them are those who do not set gaze upon men except their husbands, the maidens with gorgeous eyes.

[Saffat 37:49] As if they were eggs, safely hidden.

[Saffat 37:50] So one among them turns to the other, questioning. -

[Saffat 37:51] The speaker among them said, “I had a companion.” -