[Saffat 37:77] And We preserved his descendants.

[Saffat 37:78] And We kept his praise among the latter generations.

[Saffat 37:79] Peace be upon Nooh, among the entire people.

[Saffat 37:80] This is how We reward the virtuous.

[Saffat 37:81] He is indeed one of Our high ranking, firmly believing bondmen.

[Saffat 37:82] We then drowned the others.

[Saffat 37:83] And indeed Ibrahim is from his (Nooh’s) group.

[Saffat 37:84] When he came to his Lord, with a sound heart. (Free from falsehood).

[Saffat 37:85] When he said to his father (paternal uncle) and his people, “What do you worship?”

[Saffat 37:86] “What! You desire, through fabrication, Gods other than Allah?”

[Saffat 37:87] “So what do you assume regarding the Lord Of The Creation?” (That He will not punish you?)

[Saffat 37:88] He then shot a glance at the stars.

[Saffat 37:89] He then said, “I feel sick (of you)!”

[Saffat 37:90] And they turned their backs on him and went away. (The pagans thought he would transmit the disease).

[Saffat 37:91] He then sneaked upon their deities and said, “Do you not eat?”

[Saffat 37:92] “What is the matter with you, that you do not say anything?”

[Saffat 37:93] He then began striking them with his right hand, unseen by the people.

[Saffat 37:94] So the disbelievers came running towards him.

[Saffat 37:95] He said, “What! You worship what you yourselves have sculpted?”

[Saffat 37:96] “Whereas Allah has created you and your actions?”

[Saffat 37:97] They said, “Construct a building (furnace) for him, and then cast him in the blazing fire!”

[Saffat 37:98] So they tried to execute their evil scheme upon him – We therefore degraded them. (Allah saved him, by commanding the fire to turn cool).

[Saffat 37:99] And he said, “Indeed I shall go to my Lord Who will guide me.”

[Saffat 37:100] “My Lord! Give me a meritorious child.”

[Saffat 37:101] We therefore gave him the glad tidings of an intelligent son.

[Saffat 37:102] And when he became capable of working with him, Ibrahim said, “O my son, I dreamt that I am sacrificing you - therefore now consider what is your opinion”; he said, “O my father! Do what you are commanded! Allah willing, you will soon find me patiently enduring!”