[Saffat 37:127] In response they denied him, so they will surely be brought forth as captives.

[Saffat 37:128] Except the chosen bondmen of Allah.

[Saffat 37:129] And We kept his praise among the latter generations.

[Saffat 37:130] Peace be upon Ilyas!

[Saffat 37:131] This is how We reward the virtuous.

[Saffat 37:132] He is indeed one of Our high ranking, firmly believing bondmen.

[Saffat 37:133] And indeed Lut is one of the Noble Messengers.

[Saffat 37:134] When We rescued him and his entire household.

[Saffat 37:135] Except an old woman, who became of those who stayed behind.

[Saffat 37:136] We then destroyed the others.

[Saffat 37:137] And indeed you pass over them in the morning. -

[Saffat 37:138] And during the night; so do you not have sense?

Section 5

[Saffat 37:139] And indeed Yunus is one of the Noble Messengers.

[Saffat 37:140] When he left towards the laden ship.

[Saffat 37:141] Then lots were drawn and he became of those who were pushed into the sea.

[Saffat 37:142] The fish then swallowed him and he blamed himself. (For not waiting for Allah’s command.)

[Saffat 37:143] And were he not one of those who praise. -

[Saffat 37:144] He would have remained in its belly till the day when all will be raised.

[Saffat 37:145] We then put him ashore on a plain, and he was sick.

[Saffat 37:146] And We grew a tree of gourd (as a shelter) above him.

[Saffat 37:147] And We sent him towards a hundred thousand people, in fact more.

[Saffat 37:148] So they accepted faith - We therefore gave them usage for a while.

[Saffat 37:149] Therefore ask them (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), whether the daughters are for your Lord and the sons for them!

[Saffat 37:150] Or that have We created the angels as females, while they were present?

[Saffat 37:151] Pay heed! It is their slander that they say. –

[Saffat 37:152] That “Allah has offspring”; and indeed, surely, they are liars.

[Saffat 37:153] “Has he chosen daughters instead of sons?”