[Saffat 37:154] “What is the matter with you? What sort of a judgement you impose!”

[Saffat 37:155] “So do you not ponder?”

[Saffat 37:156] “Or do you have some clear proof?”

[Saffat 37:157] “Then bring forth your Book, if you are truthful!”

[Saffat 37:158] And they have appointed a relationship between Him and the jinns; and indeed the jinns surely know that they will be brought forth.

[Saffat 37:159] Purity is to Allah from the matters they fabricate.

[Saffat 37:160] Except the chosen bondmen of Allah.

[Saffat 37:161] Therefore you and all what you worship. (The disbelievers and their deities.)

[Saffat 37:162] You cannot make anyone rebel against Him.

[Saffat 37:163] Except the one who will go into the blazing fire.

[Saffat 37:164] And the angels say, “Each one of us has an appointed known position.”

[Saffat 37:165] “And indeed we, with our wings spread, await the command.”

[Saffat 37:166] “And indeed we are those who say His purity.”

[Saffat 37:167] And indeed the disbelievers used to say, -

[Saffat 37:168] “If we had some advice from the earlier generations,” -

[Saffat 37:169] “We would certainly be the chosen bondmen of Allah.”

[Saffat 37:170] They therefore denied it, so they will soon come to know.

[Saffat 37:171] And indeed Our Word has already gone forth for Our bondmen who were sent.

[Saffat 37:172] That undoubtedly, only they will be helped.

[Saffat 37:173] And surely, only Our army will be victorious.

[Saffat 37:174] Therefore turn away from them for some time.

[Saffat 37:175] And watch them, for they will soon see.

[Saffat 37:176] So are they being impatient for Our punishment?

[Saffat 37:177] So when it does descend in their courtyards – so what an evil morning it will be for those who were warned!

[Saffat 37:178] And turn away from them for some time.

[Saffat 37:179] And wait, for they will soon see.

[Saffat 37:180] Purity is to your Lord, the Lord of Honour, from all what they say.

[Saffat 37:181] And peace is upon the Noble Messengers.

[Saffat 37:182] And all praise is to Allah, the Lord Of The Creation.