[Saad 38:43] And We bestowed his household to him and one more similar to it – as a mercy from Us, and as a remembrance for the people of intellect.

[Saad 38:44] And We said, “Take a broom in your hand and strike her with it, and do not break your vow”; We indeed found him patiently enduring; what an excellent bondman! He is indeed most inclined.

[Saad 38:45] And remember Our bondmen Ibrahim, and Ishaq, and Yaqub – the men of power and knowledge.

[Saad 38:46] We indeed gave them distinction with a genuine affair – the remembrance of the (everlasting) abode.

Section 5

[Saad 38:47] And in Our sight, they are indeed the chosen ones, the beloved.

[Saad 38:48] And remember Ismail and Yasa’a (Elisha) and Zul-Kifl; and they are all excellent.

[Saad 38:49] This is an advice; and indeed for the pious is an excellent abode.

[Saad 38:50] Everlasting Gardens - all its gates are open for them.

[Saad 38:51] Reclining on pillows, in it they ask for fruits and drinks in plenty.

[Saad 38:52] And with them are the pure spouses, who do not set gaze upon men except their husbands, of single age.

[Saad 38:53] This is the promise being given to you, for the Day of Reckoning.

[Saad 38:54] Indeed this is Our sustenance, which will never end.

[Saad 38:55] This is for the virtuous; and indeed for the rebellious is a wretched destination.

[Saad 38:56] Hell; which they shall enter; what an evil resting-place!

[Saad 38:57] This is for the criminals – so that they may taste it - boiling hot water and pus.

[Saad 38:58] And similar other punishments in pairs.

[Saad 38:59] “Here is another group that was with you, falling along with you”; they will answer, “Do not give them plenty of open space; they surely have to enter the fire – let them also be confined!”

[Saad 38:60] The followers will say, “In fact, for you! May you not get open space! It is you who brought this calamity upon us!” So what a wretched destination.

[Saad 38:61] They say, “Our Lord! Whoever has brought this calamity upon us - double the punishment of the fire for him!”