[Zumar 39:11] Say, “I am commanded that I must worship Allah as His sincere bondman.” (And so must you too.)

[Zumar 39:12] “And I am commanded that I be the first to submit.”

[Zumar 39:13] Say, “Were I to disobey my Lord, I too would fear the punishment of the great Day (of Resurrection).”

[Zumar 39:14] Proclaim, “I worship only Allah, as His sincere bondman.”

[Zumar 39:15] “Therefore you can worship what you want besides Him!” Say, “The worst losers are those who will lose themselves and their household on the Day of Resurrection; pay heed! This is the plain loss!”

[Zumar 39:16] Above them are mountains of fire and beneath them are mountains of fire; Allah scares His bondmen with this; “O My bondmen! Fear Me!”

[Zumar 39:17] And those who stayed away from the worship of idols, and inclined towards Allah – for them are glad tidings; therefore give glad tidings to My bondmen. -

[Zumar 39:18] Those who heed attentively and follow the best from it; it is these whom Allah has guided, and it is these who have intelligence.

[Zumar 39:19] So will the one upon whom the Word of punishment has proved true, ever be equal to those who are forgiven? So will you guide and save the one who deserves the fire? (Because the hearts of some disbelievers are sealed).

[Zumar 39:20] But for those who fear their Lord, are the high chambers with more high chambers built above them – rivers flowing beneath them; a promise of Allah; Allah does not renege on His promise.

[Zumar 39:21] Did you not see that it is Allah Who sent down water from the sky, and then with it made springs in the earth, and then with it produces crops of various colours, and then it dries up and you see it has become yellow, and He then fragments them into small pieces; indeed in this is a reminder for people of intellect.