Section 4

[Zumar 39:32] So who is more unjust than one who fabricates a lie against Allah, and denies the truth when it comes to him? Is not the destination of disbelievers in hell?

[Zumar 39:33] And those who brought this truth and those who testify for it – these are the pious.

[Zumar 39:34] For them is whatever they wish, before their Lord; this is the reward of the virtuous.

[Zumar 39:35] So that Allah may relieve them of their worst deeds, and reward them for the best deeds they had done.

[Zumar 39:36] Is not Allah Sufficient for His slave? And they threaten you with others beside Him! And whomever Allah sends astray – there is no guide for him.

[Zumar 39:37] And no one can mislead whomever Allah guides; is not Allah the Most Honourable, the Avenger?

[Zumar 39:38] And if you ask them, “Who has created the heavens and the earth?”, they will surely say, “Allah”; say, “What is your opinion regarding those whom you worship other than Allah – if Allah wills to cause me some hardship, so will they avert the hardship sent by Him? Or if He wills to have mercy upon me, so will they restrain His mercy?” Proclaim, “Allah is Sufficient for me; the people who trust must rely only upon Him.”

[Zumar 39:39] Proclaim, “O my people! Keep on with your works in your positions, I am doing mine; so you will soon come to know.” -

[Zumar 39:40] “To whom will come a punishment that will disgrace, and upon whom descends the punishment that never ends.”