[Momin 40:8] “O Our Lord! And admit them into the Gardens of everlasting stay which you have promised them, and those who are virtuous among their forefathers and their wives and their offspring; indeed You only are the Most Honourable, the Wise.”

[Momin 40:9] “And save them from the evil consequences of sins; and whomever You save from the evil consequences of sins on that Day - so You have indeed had mercy upon him; and this only is the greatest success.”

Section 2

[Momin 40:10] The disbelievers will indeed be called out to - “Indeed Allah’s disgust with you is greater than your own abhorrence of yourselves, whereas you used to deny when you were called towards the faith!”

[Momin 40:11] They will say, “O Our Lord! Twice You have given us death and twice You have given us life * - we now confess to our sins - so is there a way out of the fire?” (From nothingness to life in this world, to death and then Resurrection.)

[Momin 40:12] “This has occurred because when Allah the One was prayed to, you used to disbelieve; and when a partner was ascribed with Him, you used to believe; so the command is only for Allah, the Supreme, the Great.”

[Momin 40:13] It is He Who shows you His signs, and sends down sustenance from the sky for you; and none accept guidance except those who incline (towards Him).

[Momin 40:14] Therefore worship Allah, as His sincere bondmen even if the disbelievers get annoyed.

[Momin 40:15] Bestower of High Ranks, Owner of the Throne; it is He Who instils the spirit of faith into the one He wills among His bondmen, in order that he may warn of the Day of Meeting. -

[Momin 40:16] A day when they will be fully exposed; nothing from their affairs will be hidden from Allah; “For whom is the kingship this day? For Allah, the One, the All Dominant.”