[Momin 40:67] It is He Who created you from clay, then from a drop of liquid, then from a clot of blood, and then brings you forth as a child, then keeps you alive for you to reach adulthood and then to become old; and some among you pass away earlier, and for you to reach an appointed term, and so that you may understand.

[Momin 40:68] It is He Who gives life and death; so whenever He wills a thing, He only says to it “Be” – it thereupon happens!

Section 8

[Momin 40:69] Did you not see those who dispute concerning the signs of Allah? Where are they being diverted?

[Momin 40:70] Those who denied the Book and what We sent with Our Noble Messengers; so they will soon come to know. -

[Momin 40:71] When around their necks will be shackles and chains; they will be dragged. -

[Momin 40:72] In boiling water; they will then be ignited * in the fire. (Like fuel - see verse 2:24)

[Momin 40:73] It will then be said to them, “Where are the partners you used to appoint?” -

[Momin 40:74] “As rivals to Allah?” ; they will say, “We have lost them - in fact we never used to worship anything before!”; this is how Allah sends the disbelievers astray.

[Momin 40:75] “This is the recompense of your being happy upon falsehood in the earth, and the recompense of your conceit.”

[Momin 40:76] “Enter the gates of hell, to remain in it forever”; so what a wretched destination for the haughty!

[Momin 40:77] Therefore be patient (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), undoubtedly Allah’s promise is true; and whether We show some of what We promise them, or cause you to pass away before it - in any case they will return to Us.