[Momin 40:78] Indeed We sent many Noble Messengers before you, so We have related to you the affairs of some among them, and not related the affairs of some; and no Noble Messenger has the right to bring any sign except with the command of Allah; so the time when the command of Allah comes, the true judgement will be delivered and there will the people of falsehood be ruined.

[Momin 40:79] It is Allah Who created the animals for you, in order for you to ride some of them, and some to eat.

[Momin 40:80] And in them are numerous benefits for you, and for you to reach your hearts’ desires while riding them - and you ride upon them and upon the ships.

[Momin 40:81] And He shows you His signs; so which sign of Allah will you deny?

[Momin 40:82] Did they not travel in the land to see what sort of fate befell those before them? They were more than these in number, and they exceeded them in strength and the signs they left behind in the earth - so what benefit did they get from what they earned?

[Momin 40:83] So when their Noble Messengers came to them with clear signs, they remained happy over the worldly knowledge they possessed, and upon them only reverted what they used to mock at!

[Momin 40:84] So when they saw Our punishment, they said, “We accept faith in the One Allah, and reject those whom we ascribed with Him.”

[Momin 40:85] So their accepting of faith did not benefit them when they saw Our punishment; the tradition of Allah which has passed among His bondmen; and there were the disbelievers ruined.