[Shoora 42:11] The Maker of the heavens and the earth; He has created pairs for you from yourselves and pairs from the animals; He spreads your generation; nothing is like Him; and He only is the All Hearing, the All Seeing.

[Shoora 42:12] For Him only are the keys of the heavens and the earth; He increases the sustenance for whomever He wills and restricts it; indeed He is the All Knowing.

[Shoora 42:13] He has kept for you the same path of religion which He commanded Nooh, and what We divinely reveal to you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), and what We had commanded to Ibrahim and Moosa and Eisa that, “Keep the religion proper, and do not create divisions in it”; the polytheists find the matter what you call them to as intolerable; Allah chooses for His proximity whomever He wills, and guides towards Himself whoever inclines (towards Him).

[Shoora 42:14] And they did not cause divisions except after the knowledge had come to them, because of jealousy among themselves; and were it not for a Word that had already gone forth from your Lord, the judgement would have been passed upon them long ago; and indeed those who inherited the Book after them are in an intriguing doubt regarding it.

[Shoora 42:15] For this reason, call them (to Islam); and remain firm, as you are commanded to; and do not follow their desires; and say, “I accept faith in whichever Book Allah has sent down; and I am commanded to judge fairly between you; Allah is the Lord of all - ours and yours; for us are our deeds and for you are your misdeeds; there is no debate between us and you; Allah will gather all of us together; and towards Him is the return.”