[Shoora 42:32] And among His signs are the ships sailing on the sea, like hills.

[Shoora 42:33] If He wills, He can calm the winds so the ships remain still on the sea surface; indeed in this are signs for every greatly enduring, grateful person.

[Shoora 42:34] Or He can ruin them due to peoples’ sins and He can forgive a great deal.

[Shoora 42:35] And for those who dispute regarding Our signs to realise; that they do not have a place to escape to.

[Shoora 42:36] Whatever you have received is only for usage in the life of this world, and that which is with Allah is much better and more lasting - for those who believe and rely upon their Lord.

[Shoora 42:37] And (for) those who avoid cardinal sins and indecencies, and forgive (even) when they are angry.

[Shoora 42:38] And those who obeyed the command of their Lord and kept the prayer established; and whose affairs are with mutual consultation; and who spend in Our cause from what We have bestowed upon them.

[Shoora 42:39] And those who take revenge when rebellion harms them.

[Shoora 42:40] The retribution of a harmful deed is the harm equal to it; so whoever forgives and makes amends, so his reward is upon Allah; indeed He does not befriend the unjust.

[Shoora 42:41] And there is no way of reproach against those who take revenge after being wronged.

[Shoora 42:42] Reproach is only against those who oppress people, and wrongfully spread rebellion in the land; for them is a painful punishment.

[Shoora 42:43] And indeed whoever patiently endured and forgave - then indeed these are acts of great courage.

Section 5

[Shoora 42:44] And whomever Allah sends astray, there is no friend for him against Allah; and you will see the unjust when they behold the punishment saying, “Is there a way to return?”