[Zukhruf 43:48] And all the signs We showed them were always greater than the earlier ones; and We seized them with calamities, so that they may return.

[Zukhruf 43:49] And they said, “O you magician! Pray for us to your Lord, by the means of His covenant which is with you; we will certainly come to guidance.”

[Zukhruf 43:50] So when We averted the calamity from them, they immediately broke the promise!

[Zukhruf 43:51] And said Firaun, “O my people! Is not the kingdom of Egypt for me, and these rivers that flow beneath me? So do you not see?”

[Zukhruf 43:52] “Or that I am better than him, for he is lowly - and he does not seem to talk plainly.”

[Zukhruf 43:53] “So why was he not bestowed with armlets of gold? Or angels should have come with him staying at his side!”

[Zukhruf 43:54] So when he had brainwashed his people, they followed him; indeed they were a disobedient nation.

[Zukhruf 43:55] So when they made Us wrathful, We took revenge from them - We therefore drowned all of them.

[Zukhruf 43:56] So We made them a bygone fable and a lesson for the latter generations.


Section 6

[Zukhruf 43:57] And when the example of the son of Maryam is given, your people laugh at it!

[Zukhruf 43:58] And they say, “Are our deities better or he?” They did not say this to you except to unjustly argue; in fact they are a quarrelsome people.

[Zukhruf 43:59] He is purely a bondman (of Ours), whom We have favoured upon, and We made him an extraordinary example for the Descendants of Israel.

[Zukhruf 43:60] And if We willed, We could have established angels on the earth instead of you.