[Zukhruf 43:61] And indeed Eisa is a sign* of the Last Day, therefore do not ever doubt in the Last Day, and obey Me**; this is the Straight Path. (* The advent of Prophet Eisa to earth for the second time. ** By obeying the Noble Messenger.)

[Zukhruf 43:62] And do not ever let the devil stop you; he is indeed your open enemy.

[Zukhruf 43:63] And when Eisa came to them with clear signs, he said, “I have come to you with wisdom, and to explain to you some of the matters regarding which you dispute; therefore fear Allah, and obey me.”

[Zukhruf 43:64] “Allah is indeed my Lord, and yours - therefore worship Him; this is the Straight Path.”

[Zukhruf 43:65] Then the groups differed amongst themselves; therefore ruin is for the unjust by the punishment of an agonising day.

[Zukhruf 43:66] What are they waiting for - except the Last Day, that it may suddenly come upon them while they are unaware?

[Zukhruf 43:67] Close friends will turn into enemies of one another on that Day, except the pious.

Section 7

[Zukhruf 43:68] To such will be said, “O My bondmen! This day there shall be no fear upon you, nor any grief.”

[Zukhruf 43:69] Those who believed in Our signs, and were Muslims.

[Zukhruf 43:70] “Enter Paradise - you and your wives - and you will be honoured guests.”

[Zukhruf 43:71] “Rounds of golden cups and wine will be presented upon them; and in it is whatever the hearts wish for, and what pleases the eye; and you will stay in it forever.”

[Zukhruf 43:72] “And this is the Paradise which is bequeathed to you, because of your deeds.”

[Zukhruf 43:73] “For you are many fruits in it, for you to eat therefrom.”