[Dukhan 44:40] Indeed the Day of Decision is the appointment for all of them.

[Dukhan 44:41] The day on which, no friends will benefit each other at all, nor will they be helped. (Except those who are pious - see verse 43:67)

[Dukhan 44:42] Except those upon whom Allah has mercy; indeed He only is the Most Honourable, the Most Merciful.

[Dukhan 44:43] Indeed the tree of Zaqqum, -

Section 3

[Dukhan 44:44] Is the food of the sinners.

[Dukhan 44:45] Like molten copper; it churns in their bellies.

[Dukhan 44:46] Like the churning of boiling water.

[Dukhan 44:47] “Seize him, and forcibly drag him right to the blazing fire.”

[Dukhan 44:48] “Then pour on his head the punishment of boiling water.”

[Dukhan 44:49] Saying “Taste it! Indeed you only are the most honourable, the dignified!”

[Dukhan 44:50] “Indeed this is what you used to doubt about.”

[Dukhan 44:51] Indeed the pious are in a place of peace.

[Dukhan 44:52] In Gardens and water-springs.

[Dukhan 44:53] They will be dressed in fine silk and embroidery, facing one another (on thrones).

[Dukhan 44:54] So it is; and We have wedded them to maidens with gorgeous eyes.

[Dukhan 44:55] In it they will ask for all kinds of fruit, with safety.

[Dukhan 44:56] They will not taste death again in it, except their former death; and Allah has saved them from the punishment of fire.

[Dukhan 44:57] By the munificence of your Lord; this is the great success.

[Dukhan 44:58] And We have made this Qur’an easy in your language, for them to understand.

[Dukhan 44:59] Therefore wait (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) - they too are waiting.