Section 1

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

[Jasiya 45:1] Ha; Meem. (Alphabets of the Arabic language - Allah, and to whomever He reveals, know their precise meanings.)

[Jasiya 45:2] The sending down of the Book is from Allah, the Most Honourable, the Wise.

[Jasiya 45:3] Indeed in the heavens and the earth are signs for believers.

[Jasiya 45:4] And in your creation, and all the creatures He scatters in the earth - in them are signs for the people who are certain.

[Jasiya 45:5] And in the alternation of night and day, and in the means of sustenance - water - which Allah sends down from the sky whereby He gave life to the earth after its death, and in the movement of the winds - (in all these) are signs for people of intellect.

[Jasiya 45:6] These are the verses of Allah which We recite to you with the truth; so forsaking Allah and His signs, what will they believe in?

[Jasiya 45:7] Ruin is for every great slanderer, excessive sinner.

[Jasiya 45:8] Who hears the verses of Allah which are recited to him, then remains stubborn, proud, as if he did not hear them; therefore give him the glad tidings of a painful punishment.

[Jasiya 45:9] And when he comes to know about any of the verses, he mocks at it; for them is a disgraceful punishment.

[Jasiya 45:10] Hell is after them; and what they have earned will not benefit them at all, nor those whom they have chosen as supporters besides Allah; and for them is a terrible punishment.

[Jasiya 45:11] This is the (true) guidance; and for those who disbelieve in the verses of their Lord is the severest of painful punishments.

Section 2

[Jasiya 45:12] It is Allah Who has subjected the sea for you so that ships may sail upon it by His command, and for you to seek His munificence, and so that you may give thanks.

[Jasiya 45:13] And has subjected for you all whatever is in the heavens and in the earth, by His command; indeed in this are signs for people who ponder.