[Jasiya 45:14] Tell the believers to ignore those who do not expect the days of Allah, in order that Allah may give a nation the reward of what they used to earn.

[Jasiya 45:15] Whoever does a good deed, so it is for his own good; and whoever commits evil, does for his own harm; and you will then be returned towards your Lord.

[Jasiya 45:16] And indeed We gave the Descendants of Israel the Book, and the rule, and the Prophethood, and gave good things for sustenance and gave them superiority over all others of their time.

[Jasiya 45:17] And We gave them clear proofs in the command; so they did not differ except after the knowledge had come to them - due to jealousy among themselves; indeed your Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning the matter in which they differ.

[Jasiya 45:18] We then placed you (O dear prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) upon the clear path of the command, therefore continue following it and do not listen to the desires of the ignorant.

[Jasiya 45:19] Indeed they cannot benefit you at all against Allah; and indeed the unjust are the friends of each other; and Allah is the Friend of the pious.

[Jasiya 45:20] This is an enlightenment for mankind, and a guidance and mercy for the people of faith.

[Jasiya 45:21] Do those who commit evil assume that We will make them equal to those who believe and do good deeds, therefore both becoming equal in life and death? What an evil judgement they impose!

Section 3

[Jasiya 45:22] And Allah has created the heavens and the earth with the truth, and so that every soul is repaid for what it has earned, and they will not be wronged.