[Ahqaf 46:15] And We have commanded man to be good towards parents; his mother bore him with hardship, and delivered him with hardship; and carrying him and weaning him is for thirty months; until when he * reached maturity and became forty years of age, he said, “My Lord! Inspire me to be thankful for the favours you bestowed upon me and my parents, and that I may perform the deeds pleasing to You, and keep merit among my offspring; I have inclined towards you and I am a Muslim.” (* This verse was revealed concerning S. Abu Bakr - the first caliph - may Allah be well pleased with him).

[Ahqaf 46:16] These are the ones whose good deeds We will accept, and overlook their shortfalls - among the People of Paradise; a true promise which is being given to them.

[Ahqaf 46:17] And the one who said to his parents, “Uff - I am fed up with both of you! What! You promise me that I will be raised again whereas generations have passed away before me?” And they both seek Allah’s help and say to him, “May you be ruined, accept faith! Indeed Allah’s promise is true”; he therefore answers, “This is nothing except stories of former people.”

[Ahqaf 46:18] It is these upon whom the Word has proved true, among the nations that passed away before them, of jinns and men; indeed they were losers.

[Ahqaf 46:19] And for all persons are ranks according to their deeds; and so that He may repay them in full for their deeds, and they will not be wronged.

[Ahqaf 46:20] And on the day when the disbelievers will be presented upon the fire; it will be said to them, “You have wasted your portion of the good things in the life of this world and enjoyed them; so this day you will be repaid with the disgraceful punishment, the recompense of your wrongfully priding yourself in the land, and because you used to disobey.”