Section 1

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

[Mohammed 47:1] “Allah has destroyed the deeds of those who disbelieved and prevented from Allah’s way.”

[Mohammed 47:2] “And those who accepted faith and did good deeds and believed in what has been sent down upon Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him) - and that is the truth from their Lord - Allah has relieved them of some of their evils and refined their condition.”

[Mohammed 47:3] This is because the disbelievers followed falsehood and the believers followed the Truth which is from their Lord; this is how Allah illustrates the examples of people to them.

[Mohammed 47:4] So when you confront the disbelievers, strike at their necks; until when you have slain them in plenty, tie them up firmly; then after that, you may either release them as a favour or take ransom, until the war lays down its ordeal; this is it; and had Allah willed He Himself could have taken revenge from them, but this is to test some of you with others; and Allah will surely never waste the deeds of those who were killed in His way.

[Mohammed 47:5] He will soon guide them (towards Paradise) and make them succeed.

[Mohammed 47:6] And He will admit them into Paradise - they have been made familiar with it.

[Mohammed 47:7] O People who Believe! If you help the religion of Allah, He will help you and will stabilise you.

[Mohammed 47:8] And for those who disbelieve - may they be ruined, and may Allah destroy all their deeds!

[Mohammed 47:9] This is because they disliked what Allah has sent down - He has therefore squandered all their deeds.

[Mohammed 47:10] So did they not travel in the land to see what sort of fate befell those who preceded them? Allah poured ruin upon them; and for the disbelievers are several like it.

[Mohammed 47:11] This is because Allah is the Supporter of the believers, whereas the disbelievers do not have any supporter.