[Mohammed 47:30] And if We will, We can show them to you so that you may recognise them by their faces; and you will surely recognise them by the way they talk; and Allah knows your deeds.

[Mohammed 47:31] And We shall indeed test you until We make known the warriors and the steadfast among you - and to test your proclamations.

[Mohammed 47:32] Indeed those who disbelieved and prevented others from Allah’s way, and opposed the Noble Messenger after the guidance had become clear to them - they cannot harm Allah in the least; and soon He will squander away their deeds.

[Mohammed 47:33] O People who Believe! Obey Allah and obey the Noble Messenger, and do not render your deeds void.

[Mohammed 47:34] Indeed those who disbelieved and prevented others from Allah’s way, and then died as disbelievers - so Allah will never forgive them.

[Mohammed 47:35] Therefore do not relax, nor call towards truce by yourself; and it is you who will dominate; and Allah is with you, and He will never cause a loss in your deeds.

[Mohammed 47:36] The worldly life is just a sport and pastime; and if you accept faith and be pious, He will bestow your rewards to you, and not at all ask you for your wealth.

[Mohammed 47:37] Were He to ask it from you, and ask in plenty, you would be miserly, and the miserliness would expose the filth within your hearts.

[Mohammed 47:38] Yes, undoubtedly it is you who are being called, that you may spend in Allah’s way; so some among you act miserly; and whoever is miserly, is being a miser upon himself; and Allah is the Independent (Wealthy - Not requiring anything), whereas you all are needy; and if you renege, He will replace you with other people - and they will not be like you.