[Zariyat 51:52] Similarly, whenever a Noble Messenger came to those before them they always said, “He is a magician or a madman.”

[Zariyat 51:53] What! Have they willed this utterance to one another? In fact they are a rebellious people.

[Zariyat 51:54] Therefore turn away from them (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), - so there is no blame upon you.

[Zariyat 51:55] And advise, for advice benefits the Muslims.

[Zariyat 51:56] And I created the jinns and men, only for them to worship Me.

[Zariyat 51:57] I do not ask any sustenance from them, nor wish that they give Me food.

[Zariyat 51:58] Indeed it is Allah, Who is the Greatest Sustainer, the Strong, the Able.

[Zariyat 51:59] And indeed for these unjust is also a turn of punishment, like that of their companions - so they must not ask Me to hasten.

[Zariyat 51:60] So ruin is for disbelievers, from their day - which they are promised.