Section 1

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

[Tur 52:1] By oath of (mount) Tur.

[Tur 52:2] And by oath of a passage, written -

[Tur 52:3] On an open record.

[Tur 52:4] And by oath of the Inhabited House.

[Tur 52:5] And the lofty roof.

[Tur 52:6] And the sea set aflame.

[Tur 52:7] Indeed your Lord’s punishment will surely take place.

[Tur 52:8] No one can avert it.

[Tur 52:9] A day on which the heavens will shake with a visible shaking.

[Tur 52:10] And the mountains will move with a visible movement.

[Tur 52:11] So on that day, ruin is for those who deny.

[Tur 52:12] Those who are playing in pursuits.

[Tur 52:13] A day when they will be pushed, forcibly shoved towards the fire of hell.

[Tur 52:14] “This is the fire, which you used to deny!”