Section 1

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

[Najm 53:1] By oath of the beloved shining star Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him), when he returned from the Ascent.

[Najm 53:2] Never did your master stray nor did he ever leave the right path.

[Najm 53:3] And he does not say anything by his own desire.

[Najm 53:4] It is but a divine revelation, which is revealed to him.

[Najm 53:5] He has been taught by the Extremely Powerful.

[Najm 53:6] The Strong; then the Spectacle inclined.

[Najm 53:7] And he was on the horizon of the highest heaven.

[Najm 53:8] Then the Spectacle became closer, and (he) came down fully.

[Najm 53:9] So the distance between the Spectacle and the beloved was only two arms’ length, or even less. (The Heavenly Journey of Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him – was with body and soul.)

[Najm 53:10] So Allah divinely revealed to His bondman, whatever He divinely revealed.

[Najm 53:11] The heart did not deny, what it saw. (The Holy Prophet was bestowed with seeing Allah – see also preceding verses 8,9, 10 .)

[Najm 53:12] What! So do you dispute with him regarding what he saw?

[Najm 53:13] And indeed he did see the Spectacle again.

[Najm 53:14] Near the lote-tree of the last boundary.

[Najm 53:15] Close to which is the Everlasting Paradise.

[Najm 53:16] When the lote-tree was being enveloped, by whatever around it.

[Najm 53:17] The sight did not shift, nor did it cross the limits.

[Najm 53:18] Indeed he saw the supreme signs of his Lord.

[Najm 53:19] So did you observe the idols Lat and Uzza?

[Najm 53:20] And subsequently the third, the Manat?

[Najm 53:21] What! For you the son, and for Him the daughter?

[Najm 53:22] Then that is surely a very unjust distribution!

[Najm 53:23] They are nothing but some names that you have coined, you and your forefathers - Allah has not sent any proof for them; they follow only guesses and their own desires; whereas the guidance from their Lord has come to them.

[Najm 53:24] What! Will man get whatever he dreams of?

[Najm 53:25] So (know that) Allah only is the Owner of all - the Hereafter and this world.

Section 2

[Najm 53:26] And many an angel is in the heavens, whose intercession does not benefit the least unless Allah gives permission for whomever He wills, and whom He likes.