[Najm 53:27] Indeed those who do not believe in the Hereafter, coin the names of angels like those of females.

[Najm 53:28] And they do not have any knowledge of it; they just follow assumption; and indeed assumption does not serve any purpose in place of the Truth.

[Najm 53:29] Therefore turn away from whoever has turned away from Our remembrance and has desired only the life of this world.

[Najm 53:30] This is the extent of their knowledge; indeed your Lord well knows one who has strayed from His path, and He well knows one who has attained guidance.

[Najm 53:31] And to Allah only belongs all whatever is in the heavens and all whatever is in the earth, in order to repay those who do evil for what they have done, and give an excellent reward to those who do good.

[Najm 53:32] Those who avoid the cardinal sins and lewdness, except that they approached it and refrained; indeed your Lordís mercy is limitless; He knows you very well Ė since He has created you from clay, and when you were foetuses in your mothersí wombs; therefore do not, on your own, claim yourselves to be clean; He well knows who are the pious.

Section 3

[Najm 53:33] So did you observe him who turned away?

[Najm 53:34] And he gave a little, then refrained?

[Najm 53:35] Does he have knowledge of the hidden, so he can foresee?

[Najm 53:36] Did not the news reach him, of that which is mentioned in the Books of Moosa?

[Najm 53:37] And of Ibrahim, who was most obedient?

[Najm 53:38] That no burdened soul bears another soulís burden?

[Najm 53:39] And that man will not obtain anything except what he strove for?

[Najm 53:40] And that his effort will soon be scrutinised?

[Najm 53:41] Then he will be fully repaid for it?

[Najm 53:42] And that the end is only towards your Lord?

[Najm 53:43] And that it is He Who made (you) laugh and made (you) cry?

[Najm 53:44] And that it is He Who gave death and gave life?