[Najm 53:45] And that it is He Who has created the pairs, male and female?

[Najm 53:46] From a drop of liquid, when it is added?

[Najm 53:47] And that only upon Him is the next revival?

[Najm 53:48] And that it is He Who has given wealth and contentment?

[Najm 53:49] And that He only is the Lord of the star Sirius?

[Najm 53:50] And that it is He Who earlier destroyed the tribe of Aad?

[Najm 53:51] And destroyed the tribe of Thamud, not sparing anyone?

[Najm 53:52] And before them, the people of Nooh? Indeed they were more unjust and more rebellious than these!

[Najm 53:53] And that it is He Who threw down the upturned townships?

[Najm 53:54] So they were covered with whatever covered them?

[Najm 53:55] So O listener! Which favour of your Lord will you doubt?

[Najm 53:56] He (Prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him) is a Herald of Warning, like the former Heralds of Warning.

[Najm 53:57] The approaching event has come near.

[Najm 53:58] None except Allah can avert it.

[Najm 53:59] So are you surprised at this fact?

[Najm 53:60] And you laugh, and do not weep!

[Najm 53:61] And you are lost in play!

[Najm 53:62] Therefore prostrate for Allah, and worship Him. (Command of Prostration # 12)