[Qamar 54:28] “And inform them that the water is to be shared between them; only those may come whose turn it is.”

[Qamar 54:29] In response they called their companion – he therefore caught and hamstrung the she-camel.

[Qamar 54:30] So how did My punishment turn out, and My warnings?

[Qamar 54:31] Indeed We sent upon them a single Scream – thereupon they became like the barrier builder’s residual dry trampled hay.

[Qamar 54:32] And We have indeed made the Qur’an easy to memorise, so is there one who would remember?

[Qamar 54:33] The people of Lut denied the Noble Messengers.

[Qamar 54:34] Indeed We sent a shower of stones upon them, except the family of Lut; We rescued them before dawn.

[Qamar 54:35] As a reward from Us; this is how We reward one who gives thanks.

[Qamar 54:36] And indeed he had warned them of Our seizure - in response they doubted the warnings.

[Qamar 54:37] And they tried to persuade him regarding his guests - We therefore blinded their eyes, “So taste My punishment, and My warnings.”

[Qamar 54:38] And indeed, the everlasting punishment overcame them early in the morning.

[Qamar 54:39] “So taste My punishment, and My warnings!”

Section 3

[Qamar 54:40] And We have indeed made the Qur’an easy to memorise, so is there one who would remember?

[Qamar 54:41] And indeed the Noble Messengers came to the people of Firaun.

[Qamar 54:42] They denied all Our signs, We therefore seized them - the seizure of the Most Honourable, the All Powerful.

[Qamar 54:43] Are your disbelievers better than they were, or have you been given exemption in the Books?

[Qamar 54:44] Or they say, “We shall all take revenge as a group.”

[Qamar 54:45] The group will soon be routed, and will turn their backs to flee.

[Qamar 54:46] In fact their promise is upon the Last Day - and the Last Day is very severe and very bitter!

[Qamar 54:47] Indeed the criminals are astray and insane.

[Qamar 54:48] On the day when they are dragged upon their faces in the fire - “Taste the heat of hell.”

[Qamar 54:49] We have indeed created all things by a proper measure.

[Qamar 54:50] And Our command is only a fleeting one – like the batting of an eyelid.

[Qamar 54:51] And We have indeed destroyed your kind, so is there one who would ponder?

[Qamar 54:52] And all what they did is in the Books.

[Qamar 54:53] And every small and great thing is recorded.

[Qamar 54:54] Indeed the pious are amidst Gardens and springs.

[Qamar 54:55] Seated in an assembly of the Truth, in the presence of Allah, the Omnipotent King.