[Waqia`h 56:17] Surrounded by immortal boys.

[Waqia`h 56:18] Carrying bowls and pitchers – and cups filled with wine flowing before them.

[Waqia`h 56:19] Their heads shall not ache with it, nor shall they lose their senses.

[Waqia`h 56:20] And fruits that they may like.

[Waqia`h 56:21] And meat of birds that they may wish.

[Waqia`h 56:22] And gorgeous eyed fair maidens.

[Waqia`h 56:23] Like pearls safely hidden.

[Waqia`h 56:24] The reward for what they did.

[Waqia`h 56:25] They will not hear any useless speech in it, or any sin.

[Waqia`h 56:26] Except the saying, “Peace, peace.”

[Waqia`h 56:27] And those on the right - how (fortunate) are those on the right!

[Waqia`h 56:28] Among thorn-less lote-trees.

[Waqia`h 56:29] And clusters of banana plants.

[Waqia`h 56:30] And in everlasting shade.

[Waqia`h 56:31] And in perpetually flowing water.

[Waqia`h 56:32] And plenty of fruits.

[Waqia`h 56:33] That will neither finish, nor ever be stopped.

[Waqia`h 56:34] And raised couches.

[Waqia`h 56:35] We have indeed developed these women with an excellent development.

[Waqia`h 56:36] So made them as maidens.

[Waqia`h 56:37] The beloved of their husbands, attractive, of single age.

[Waqia`h 56:38] For those on the right.

Section 2

[Waqia`h 56:39] A large group from the earlier generations.

[Waqia`h 56:40] And a large group from the latter.

[Waqia`h 56:41] And those on the left – how (wretched) are those on the left!

[Waqia`h 56:42] In scorching wind and boiling hot water.

[Waqia`h 56:43] And in the shadow of a burning smoke.

[Waqia`h 56:44] Which is neither cool nor is for respect.

[Waqia`h 56:45] Indeed they were among favours before this.

[Waqia`h 56:46] And were stubborn upon the great sin (of disbelief).

[Waqia`h 56:47] And they used to say, “When we are dead and have turned into dust and bones, will we surely be raised again?”

[Waqia`h 56:48] “And also our forefathers?”

[Waqia`h 56:49] Proclaim, “Without doubt all – the former and the latter.”

[Waqia`h 56:50] “They will all be gathered together – on the appointed time of the known day.”