[Waqia`h 56:77] This is indeed the noble Qur’an.

[Waqia`h 56:78] Kept in a secure Book.

[Waqia`h 56:79] None may touch it, except with ablution.

[Waqia`h 56:80] Sent down by the Lord Of The Creation.

[Waqia`h 56:81] So is this the matter regarding which you laze?

[Waqia`h 56:82] And you make its denial your share?

[Waqia`h 56:83] So why was it not, when the soul reaches up to the throat, -

[Waqia`h 56:84] Whereas you watch at that moment!

[Waqia`h 56:85] And We are nearer to him than you are, but you cannot see.

[Waqia`h 56:86] So why is it not, that if you are not to be repaid, -

[Waqia`h 56:87] That you bring it back, if you are truthful?

[Waqia`h 56:88] Then if the dying one is of those having proximity, -

[Waqia`h 56:89] Then is relief, and flowers – and Gardens of peace.

[Waqia`h 56:90] And if he is of those on the right, -

[Waqia`h 56:91] Then upon you is the greetings of peace (O dear Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him), from those on the right.

[Waqia`h 56:92] And if he is from the deniers, the astray, -

[Waqia`h 56:93] Then his reception is the hot boiling water.

[Waqia`h 56:94] And a casting into the blazing fire.

[Waqia`h 56:95] This is indeed an utmost certainty.

[Waqia`h 56:96] Therefore (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) proclaim the Purity of the name of your Lord, the Greatest.