[Hashr 59:10] And those who came after them say, “O our Lord! Forgive us, and our brothers who accepted faith before us, and do not keep any malice in our hearts towards the believers – O our Lord! Indeed You only are the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.”.

Section 2

[Hashr 59:11] Did you not see the hypocrites, that they say to their disbelieving brothers among the People given the Book(s), “If you are expelled, then we will definitely go out with you, and we will not listen to anyone in your matters, and if you are fought against we will surely help you”; and Allah testifies that they are indeed liars.

[Hashr 59:12] If they are expelled, the hypocrites will not go out with them; and if they are fought against they will not help them; and even if they were to help them, they would turn their backs and flee; and then they will not be helped.

[Hashr 59:13] Indeed in their hearts is a greater fear of you than that of Allah; this is because they are a people who do not understand.

[Hashr 59:14] They will not fight you even if they all come together, except in barricaded cities or from behind walls; they are severe fighters among themselves; you will assume them to be one, whereas their hearts are divided; this is because they are a people who do not have any sense.

[Hashr 59:15] Like the example of those who were before them not long ago - they tasted the evil result of their deeds; and for them is a painful punishment.

[Hashr 59:16] The example of the devil - when he said to man “Disbelieve”; so when he has rejected faith, he says, “I am unconcerned with you - indeed I fear Allah, the Lord of The Creation.”