[Hashr 59:17] So the fate of them both is that they are both in the fire, to remain in it forever; and this is the proper punishment for the unjust.

Section 3

[Hashr 59:18] O People who Believe! Fear Allah, and every soul must see what it has sent ahead for tomorrow; and fear Allah; indeed Allah is Aware of your deeds.

[Hashr 59:19] And do not be like those who forgot Allah – He therefore put them into hardship making them forget themselves; it is they who are the sinners.

[Hashr 59:20] The People of hell and the People of Paradise are not equal; it is only the People of Paradise who have succeeded.

[Hashr 59:21] Had We sent down this Qur’an upon a mountain, you would have then surely seen it bowed down, blown to bits by the fear of Allah; and We illustrate such examples for people, for them to ponder.

[Hashr 59:22] It is Allah, except Whom there is no God; the Knowing of all – the hidden and the evident; He only is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

[Hashr 59:23] It is Allah, except Whom there is no God; the King, the Pure, the Giver of Peace, the Bestower of Safety, the Protector, the Most Honourable, the Compeller, the Proud; Purity is to Allah from all what they ascribe as partners (to Him)!

[Hashr 59:24] It is Allah only, Who is the Creator, the Initiator, the Designer of all – His only are all the good names; all whatever is in the heavens and in the earth proclaims His Purity; and He only is the Most Honourable, the Wise.