[Talaq 65:6] Accommodate them where you also reside, according to your means, and do not harass them to make it difficult upon them; and if they are pregnant, give them the provision till they deliver their burden; then if they suckle the child for you, pay them its due; and consult with each other in a reasonable manner; and if you create hardship for one another, the child will get another breast feeding nurse.

[Talaq 65:7] Whoever has the capacity must give provisions according to his means; and the one whose sustenance is restricted upon him, must give provisions from what Allah has given him; Allah does not burden any soul except according to what He has given it; Allah will soon, after the hardship, create ease.

Section 2

[Talaq 65:8] And many a town existed that rebelled against the command of its Lord and His Noble Messengers, so We took a severe account from it - and struck them with a dreadful punishment.

[Talaq 65:9] They therefore tasted the evil outcome of their deeds, and the outcome of their deeds was a loss.

[Talaq 65:10] Allah has kept prepared a severe punishment for them – therefore fear Allah, O men of intellect! O People who Believe! Allah has sent down a Remembrance (or an honour) for you. (The Holy Prophet is a Remembrance from Allah.)

[Talaq 65:11] The Noble Messenger who recites the clear verses of Allah to you, so that he may take those who accept faith and do good deeds, away from the realms of darkness towards light; and whoever accepts faith in Allah and does good deeds, Allah will admit him into Gardens beneath which rivers flow, to abide in them for ever and ever; indeed Allah has kept an excellent sustenance for him.

[Talaq 65:12] It is Allah Who has created the seven heavens, and seven earthly worlds like them; the command descends within them, so that you may know that Allah is Able to do all things, and that Allah’s knowledge encompasses everything.