[Qalam 68:16] We will soon singe his pig-nose.

[Qalam 68:17] We have indeed tested them the way We had tested the owners of the garden when they swore that they would reap its harvest the next morning.

[Qalam 68:18] And they did not say, “If Allah wills”.

[Qalam 68:19] So an envoy from your Lord completed his round upon the garden, whilst they were sleeping.

[Qalam 68:20] So in the morning it became as if harvested.

[Qalam 68:21] They then called out to each other at daybreak.

[Qalam 68:22] That, “Go to your fields at early morn, if you want to harvest.”

[Qalam 68:23] So they went off, while whispering to one another.

[Qalam 68:24] “Make sure that no needy person enters your garden this day.”

[Qalam 68:25] And they left at early morn, assuming they were in control of their purpose.

[Qalam 68:26] Then when they saw it, they said, “We have indeed strayed.”

[Qalam 68:27] “In fact, we are unfortunate.”

[Qalam 68:28] The best among them said, “Did I not tell you, ‘Why do you not proclaim His purity?’ ”

[Qalam 68:29] They said, “Purity is to our Lord – we have indeed been unjust.”

[Qalam 68:30] So they came towards each other, blaming.

[Qalam 68:31] They said, “Woe to us - we were indeed rebellious.”

[Qalam 68:32] “Hopefully, our Lord will give us a better replacement than this - we now incline towards our Lord.”

[Qalam 68:33] Such is the punishment; and indeed the punishment of the Hereafter is the greatest, if only they knew!

Section 2

[Qalam 68:34] Indeed for the pious, with their Lord, are Gardens of Serenity.

[Qalam 68:35] Shall We equate the Muslims to the guilty?

[Qalam 68:36] What is the matter with you? What sort of a judgement you impose!

[Qalam 68:37] Is there a Book for you, from which you read?

[Qalam 68:38] - That for you in it is whatever you like?

[Qalam 68:39] Or is it that you have a covenant from Us, right up to the Day of Judgement, that you will get all what you claim?

[Qalam 68:40] Ask them, who among them is a guarantor for it?

[Qalam 68:41] Or is it that they have partners in worship? So they should bring their appointed partners, if they are truthful.

[Qalam 68:42] On the day when the Shin will be exposed and they will be called to prostrate themselves, they will be unable.