[Qiyamah 75:20] None except you, O disbelievers – you love what you have, the fleeting one.

[Qiyamah 75:21] And you have forsaken the Hereafter.

[Qiyamah 75:22] On that day, some faces will shine with freshness.

[Qiyamah 75:23] Looking towards their Lord.

[Qiyamah 75:24] And on that day some faces will be ghastly.

[Qiyamah 75:25] Knowing that they will be subjected to a torment that breaks the backs.

[Qiyamah 75:26] Yes indeed, when the soul will reach up to the throat.

[Qiyamah 75:27] And they will say, “Is there any one – any magician?”

[Qiyamah 75:28] And he will realise that this is the parting.

[Qiyamah 75:29] And one shin will curl up with the other shin.

[Qiyamah 75:30] On that day, the herding will be only towards your Lord.

Section 2

[Qiyamah 75:31] Neither did he believe it to be true, nor did he offer the prayer.

[Qiyamah 75:32] But he denied and turned away.

[Qiyamah 75:33] Then he went back to his home in pride.

[Qiyamah 75:34] Your ruin has come close, still closer.

[Qiyamah 75:35] Again your ruin has come close, still closer.

[Qiyamah 75:36] Does man assume that he will be let loose?

[Qiyamah 75:37] Was he not just a drop of the semen that is discharged?

[Qiyamah 75:38] He then became a clot – so Allah created him, then made him proper.

[Qiyamah 75:39] So created from him a pair, the male and female.

[Qiyamah 75:40] So will He, Who has done all this, not be able to revive the dead?