Section 1

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

[Naziyat 79:1] By oath of those who harshly pull out the soul. (Of the disbeliever)

[Naziyat 79:2] And who softly release the soul. (Of the believer)

[Naziyat 79:3] And who glide with ease.

[Naziyat 79:4] And who quickly present themselves.

[Naziyat 79:5] And who plan the implementation.

[Naziyat 79:6] On the day when the trembling one will tremble. (The disbelievers will certainly taste the punishment.)

[Naziyat 79:7] And the following event will come after it.

[Naziyat 79:8] Many a heart will flutter on that day!

[Naziyat 79:9] Unable to lift their gaze.

[Naziyat 79:10] The disbelievers say, “Will we really return to our former state?”

[Naziyat 79:11] “When we have become decayed bones?”

[Naziyat 79:12] They said, “So this return is an obvious loss!”

[Naziyat 79:13] So that is not but a single shout.

[Naziyat 79:14] So they will immediately be in an open plain.

[Naziyat 79:15] Did the news of Moosa reach you?