Section 1

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

[Infitar 82:1] When the heaven splits open.

[Infitar 82:2] And when the stars fall down.

[Infitar 82:3] And when the oceans are swept away.

[Infitar 82:4] And when the graves are overturned.

[Infitar 82:5] Every soul will come to know what it has sent ahead and what it left behind.

[Infitar 82:6] O man! What has deceived you away from your Lord, the Most Beneficent?

[Infitar 82:7] The One Who created you, then moulded you, then made you proper?

[Infitar 82:8] He moulded you into whatever shape He willed.

[Infitar 82:9] Not at all but rather you deny the establishment of Justice.

[Infitar 82:10] And indeed there are some guardians over you.

[Infitar 82:11] The honourable recorders.

[Infitar 82:12] Knowing all what you may do.

[Infitar 82:13] Indeed the virtuous are in serenity.

[Infitar 82:14] And indeed the sinners are in hell.

[Infitar 82:15] They will enter it on the Day of Justice.

[Infitar 82:16] And will not be able to hide from it.

[Infitar 82:17] And what do you know of what sort is the Day of Justice!

[Infitar 82:18] Again, what do you know of what sort is the Day of Justice!

[Infitar 82:19] The day on which no soul will have the authority over any other soul; and on that day, the entire command belongs to Allah.