Section 1

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

[Layl 92:1] By oath of the night when it covers

[Layl 92:2] And by oath of the day when it shines

[Layl 92:3] And by oath of the One Who created the male and the female.

[Layl 92:4] Indeed your efforts differ.

[Layl 92:5] So for one who gave and practised piety

[Layl 92:6] And believed the best matter to be true

[Layl 92:7] So We will very soon provide him ease.

[Layl 92:8] And for him who hoarded wealth and remained carefree,

[Layl 92:9] And denied the best matter,

[Layl 92:10] So We will very soon provide him hardship.

[Layl 92:11] His wealth will not avail him when he falls into ruin.

[Layl 92:12] Indeed guiding is upon Us.

[Layl 92:13] And indeed the Hereafter and this world both belong to Us.

[Layl 92:14] I therefore warn you of the fire that is ablaze.

[Layl 92:15] None except the most wicked will enter it.

[Layl 92:16] The one who denied and turned away.

[Layl 92:17] It will be far away from the most pious. (The first Caliph S. Abu Bakr Siddiq)

[Layl 92:18] Who gives his wealth in order to be pure.

[Layl 92:19] And no one has done a favour to him, for which he should be compensated.

[Layl 92:20] He desires only to please his Lord, the Supreme.

[Layl 92:21] And indeed, soon he will be very pleased.