Section 1

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

[A`adiyat 100:1] By oath of those that sprint, breathing heavily. (The horses used in Holy War.)

[A`adiyat 100:2] Striking stones with their hooves, sparking fire.

[A`adiyat 100:3] And by oath of those who raid at dawn.

[A`adiyat 100:4] So thereupon raising dust.

[A`adiyat 100:5] Then penetrate to the centre of the enemy army.

[A`adiyat 100:6] Indeed man is very ungrateful towards his Lord.

[A`adiyat 100:7] And indeed he himself is a witness to it.

[A`adiyat 100:8] And indeed he loves wealth to the extreme.

[A`adiyat 100:9] So does he not know? When those in the graves are raised,

[A`adiyat 100:10] And all what lies in the breasts is opened -

[A`adiyat 100:11] On that day their Lord surely knows all about them!