[Baqarah 2:246] Did you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) not see a group of the Descendants of Israel, after Moosa? When they said to one of their Prophets (Shamueel - Samuel), "Appoint a king for us so that we may fight in Allah’s way"? He said, "Do you think you would refrain from fighting if it is made obligatory for you?" They said, "What is the matter with us that we should not fight in Allah’s cause, whereas we have been driven away from our homeland and our children?" So when fighting was ordained for them, they all turned away, except a few; and Allah is Well Aware of the unjust.


[Baqarah 2:247] And their Prophet said to them, "Indeed Allah has sent Talut (Saul) as your king"; they said, "Why should he have kingship over us whereas we deserve the kingship more than he, and nor has he been given enough wealth?" He said, "Indeed Allah has chosen him above you, and has bestowed him with vast knowledge and physique"; and Allah may bestow His kingdom on whomever He wills; and Allah is Most Capable, All Knowing.


[Baqarah 2:248] And their Prophet said to them, "Indeed the sign of his kingdom will be the coming of a (wooden) box to you, in which from your Lord is the contentment of hearts and containing some souvenirs (remnants) left behind by the honourable Moosa and the honourable Haroon (Aaron), borne by the angels; indeed in it is a great sign* for you if you are believers." (The remnants of pious persons are blessed by Allah.)