Section 33

[Baqarah 2:249] So when Talut left the city along with the armies, he said, "Allah will surely test you with a river; so whoever drinks its water is not mine - and whoever does not drink is mine - except him who takes it in the hollow of his hand"; so they all drank it, except a few of them; thereafter when Talut and the believers with him had crossed the river, they said, "We do not have power this day to face Jalut (Goliath) and his armies"; those who were certain of meeting Allah said, "Many a times has a smaller group overcome a bigger group by Allah’s command; and Allah is with the steadfast."


[Baqarah 2:250] And when they confronted Jalut and his armies they invoked, "Our Lord! Pour (bestow abundantly) on us patience (fortitude), and keep our feet steady, and help us against the disbelieving people."


[Baqarah 2:251] So they routed them by the command of Allah; and Dawud (David) slew Jalut, and Allah gave him the kingdom and wisdom, and taught him all whatever He willed; and if Allah does not ward off some men by others, the earth will be destroyed, but Allah is Most Munificent towards the entire creation.


[Baqarah 2:252] These are the verses of Allah, which We recite to you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) with truth; and undoubtedly you are one of the Noble Messengers.