[Nisa 4:52] It is they whom Allah has cursed; and for those whom Allah has cursed, you (Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) will never find any supporter.


[Nisa 4:53] Do they have some share in the kingship?- if it were, they would not give to mankind even a single sesame.


[Nisa 4:54] Or do they envy people due to what Allah has given them from His grace? In that case, We bestowed the Book and the wisdom upon the family of Ibrahim (Abraham), and We gave them a great kingdom.


[Nisa 4:55] So some of them believed in it and some of them turned away from it; and sufficient is hell, a blazing fire!


[Nisa 4:56] We shall soon put those who disbelieve in Our signs into the fire; whenever their skins are cooked (fully burnt) We shall change them for new skins so they may taste the punishment (again and again); indeed Allah is Almighty, Wise.


[Nisa 4:57] And those who believed and did good deeds, We shall soon admit them into Gardens beneath which rivers flow - abiding in it forever; in it for them are pure wives - and We shall admit them into places of plentiful shade.


[Nisa 4:58] Indeed Allah commands you to hand over whatever you hold in trust, to their owners - and that whenever you judge between people, judge with fairness; undoubtedly Allah gives you an excellent advice; indeed Allah is All Hearing, All Seeing.  


[Nisa 4:59] O People who Believe! Obey Allah and the Noble Messenger and those amongst you who are in authority; so if there is a dispute amongst you concerning any matter, refer it to Allah and the Noble Messenger (for judgement) if you believe in Allah and the Last Day; this is better and has the best outcome.