[Ana`am 6:125] And whomever Allah wills to guide, He opens his bosom for Islam; and whomever He wills to send astray, He makes his bosom narrow and firmly bound as if he were being forced by someone to climb the skies; this is how Allah places the punishment on those who do not believe.

[Ana`am 6:126] And this is the Straight Path of your Lord; We have explained in detail Our verses for the people who accept advice.

[Ana`am 6:127] For them is the abode of peace with their Lord and He is their Master - the result of their deeds.

[Ana`am 6:128] And the Day when He will raise them all and will proclaim, “O you group of jinns, you have enticed a lot of men”; and their human friends will submit, “Our Lord, some of us have benefited from one another and have reached the appointed term which You had set for us”; He will say, “Your home is hell - remain in it for ever, except whomever Allah wills”; O dear Prophet (Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), indeed your Lord is the Wise, the All Knowing.

[Ana`am 6:129] And similarly We empower some of the oppressors over others - the recompense of their deeds.

Section 16

[Ana`am 6:130] “O you groups of jinns and men! Did not the Noble Messengers amongst you come to you reciting My verses and warning you of confronting this day?” They will say, “We testify against ourselves” - and the worldly life deceived them and they will testify against themselves that they were disbelievers.

[Ana`am 6:131] This is because your Lord does not unjustly destroy townships for their people may be unaware.