[Nahl 16:73] And they worship such besides Allah, who do not have power to provide them any sustenance from the heavens or the earth, nor can they do anything.

[Nahl 16:74] Therefore do not ascribe equals to Allah; indeed Allah knows whereas you do not know.

[Nahl 16:75] Allah has illustrated an example - there is a slave, himself the property of another, not owning anything - and another one upon whom We have bestowed a good livelihood from Us, he therefore spends from it, secretly and publicly; will they be equal? All praise is to Allah; in fact, most of them do not know.

[Nahl 16:76] And Allah has illustrated an example - two men - one of them dumb, unable to do anything, and he is a burden on his master - wherever his master sends him, he brings back no good; will he be equal to one who gives the command of justice and is on the Straight Path?

Section 11

[Nahl 16:77] And for Allah only are the hidden things of the heavens and the earth, and the matter of Resurrection is not but like the batting of an eyelid - in fact closer than this; indeed Allah is Able to do all things.

[Nahl 16:78] And Allah brought you forth from your mothers’ wombs, whilst you did not know anything * - and gave you ears and eyes and hearts, for you to be grateful. (* Prophet Mohammed and Prophet Jesus, among others, are exceptions to this rule - peace and blessings be upon them.)

[Nahl 16:79] Have they not seen the birds, subservient in the open skies? No one holds them up except Allah; indeed in this are signs for the people who believe.