[b/Israel 17:50] Proclaim, "Become stones or iron."

[b/Israel 17:51] "Or some other creation which you deem great"; so they will now say, "Who will create us again?"; proclaim, "He Who created you for the first time"; so now they will mockingly shake their heads at you, and question, "When is this going to occur?"; say, "It could perhaps be soon."

[b/Israel 17:52] "The day when He will call you and you will come praising Him, thinking you have stayed only a little."

Section 6

[b/Israel 17:53] And tell My bondmen to speak that which is the best; undoubtedly Satan sows discord among them; indeed Satan is manís open enemy.

[b/Israel 17:54] Your Lord knows you well; if He wills He may have mercy upon you, or if He wills, He may punish you; and We have not sent you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) as a guardian over them.

[b/Israel 17:55] And your Lord knows well all those who are in the heavens and the earth; and indeed among the Prophets We gave excellence to some above others, and We gave the Zaboor to Dawud.

[b/Israel 17:56] Proclaim, "Call upon those whom you assume besides Allah - so they do not have any power to relieve the misfortune from you nor to avert it."

[b/Israel 17:57] The devoted bondmen whom these disbelievers worship, themselves seek the means of proximity from their Lord, that who among them is the closest (to his Lord), and hope for His mercy and fear His punishment; indeed the punishment of your Lord is to be feared.

[b/Israel 17:58] And there is no such dwelling but which We shall destroy before the Day of Resurrection, or punish it severely; this is written in the Book