[b/Israel 17:59] And We remained constrained from sending such signs, because the former people denied them; and We gave the Thamud the she-camel for enlightenment, so they oppressed it; and We do not send such signs except to warn.

[b/Israel 17:60] And when We proclaimed to you, "Indeed all mankind is within the control of your Lord"; and We did not create the spectacle * which We showed you except to try mankind, and the Tree ** which is cursed in the Qur’an; and We warn them - so nothing increases for them except extreme rebellion. (* The Ascent of the Holy Prophet to the heavens and beyond, which the disbelievers denied as just a dream.  ** The Zakkum tree which will grow in hell and be the food for its inhabitants.)


Section 7

[b/Israel 17:61] And recall when We ordered the angels that, "Prostrate before Adam" - so they all prostrated except Iblis; he said, "Shall I prostrate before one whom You have created from clay?"

[b/Israel 17:62] He said, "Behold this * - the one whom You have honoured above me - if You give me respite till the Day of Resurrection, I will surely crush his descendants, except a few." (* Prophet Adam - peace be upon him.)

[b/Israel 17:63] He said, "Be gone - therefore whoever among them follows you - so hell is the recompense for you all, a sufficient punishment."

[b/Israel 17:64] "And mislead those whom you can among them with your voice, and raise an army against them with your cavalry and infantry, and be their partner in wealth and children, and give them promises"; and Satan does not promise them except with deception.

[b/Israel 17:65] "Indeed My bondmen * - you do not have any power over them"; and your Lord is Sufficient as a Trustee. (* The chosen virtuous bondmen.)

[b/Israel 17:66] Your Lord is He Who sails the ship upon the seas for you, so that you may seek His munificence; indeed He is Most Merciful upon you.