[Ta-Ha 20:65] They said, "O Moosa, either you throw first - or shall we throw first?"

[Ta-Ha 20:66] He said, "Rather, you may throw"; thereupon their cords and their staves, by the strength of their magic, appeared to him as if they were (serpents) moving fast.

[Ta-Ha 20:67] And Moosa sensed fear in his heart.

[Ta-Ha 20:68] We said, "Do not fear - it is you who is dominant."

[Ta-Ha 20:69] "And cast down which is in your right hand - it will devour all that they have fabricated; what they have made is only a magician’s deceit; and a magician is never successful, wherever he comes."

[Ta-Ha 20:70] Therefore all the magicians were thrown down prostrate - they said, "We accept faith in the One Who is the Lord of Haroon and Moosa."

[Ta-Ha 20:71] Said Firaun, "You accepted faith in him before I permitted you! He is indeed your leader who taught you magic; I therefore swear, I will cut off your hands and your legs from alternate sides, and crucify you on the trunks of palm-trees, and you will surely come to know among us two, whose punishment is more severe and more lasting."

[Ta-Ha 20:72] They said, "We shall never prefer you above the clear proofs that have come to us from the One Who has created us - therefore carry out what you want to; only in the life of this world will you be able to!"

[Ta-Ha 20:73] "Indeed we have accepted faith in our Lord, so that He may forgive us our sins and the magic which you forced us to perform; and Allah is Better, and the Most Lasting."

[Ta-Ha 20:74] Indeed the one who comes guilty to his Lord - so undoubtedly for him is hell; neither dying nor living in it.

[Ta-Ha 20:75] And the one who presents himself as a believer before Him, having done good deeds - so for them are the high ranks.

[Ta-Ha 20:76] Everlasting Gardens of Eden beneath which rivers flow, abiding in them for ever; and this is the reward of one who became pure.