[Furqan 25:33] And they will never bring you an example, but We shall bring you a true narration and better than it.

[Furqan 25:34] Those who will be dragged on their faces towards hell – theirs is the worst destination and they are the most astray.

Section 4

[Furqan 25:35] And indeed We gave Moosa the Book and appointed with him his brother Haroon as a deputy.

[Furqan 25:36] We therefore said, “Go, both of you, to the people who have denied Our signs”; then ruining the people, We destroyed them completely.

[Furqan 25:37] And the people of Nooh - when they denied the Noble Messengers, We drowned them and made them a sign for mankind; and We have kept prepared a painful punishment for the unjust.

[Furqan 25:38] And the tribes of A’ad and the Thamud, and the people of the Wells, and many a generation between them.

[Furqan 25:39] And We illustrated examples to each one of them; and ruining them, annihilated them all.

[Furqan 25:40] And indeed they have visited the township upon which had rained a harmful rain; so were they not seeing it? In fact, they never expected to be raised again.

[Furqan 25:41] And when they see you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) they take you but as a mockery, “Is this the one whom Allah sent as a (Noble) Messenger?”

[Furqan 25:42] “Possibly he would have misled us away from our Gods had we not been firm upon them”; soon they will know, when they see the punishment, who was astray from the path.

[Furqan 25:43] Did you see the one who chose his own desires as his God? So will you accept the responsibility of guarding him?