[Naml 27:36] So when the envoy came to Sulaiman, he said, “Are you helping me with wealth? What Allah has bestowed upon me is better than what He has given you; rather it is you who are delighted at your gift.”

[Naml 27:37] “Go back to them – so we shall indeed come upon them with an army they cannot fight, and degrading them shall certainly drive them out from that city, so they will be humiliated.”

[Naml 27:38] Said Sulaiman, “O court members, which one of you can bring me her throne before they come humbled in my presence?”

[Naml 27:39] An extremely evil jinn said, “I will bring it in your presence before you disperse the assembly; and I am indeed strong and trustworthy upon it.”

[Naml 27:40] Said one who had knowledge of the Book, “I will bring it in your majesty’s presence before you bat your eyelid”; then when he saw it set in his presence*, Sulaiman said, “This is of the favours of my Lord; so that He may test me whether I give thanks or am ungrateful; and whoever gives thanks only gives thanks for his own good; and whoever is ungrateful – then indeed my Lord is the Independent (Not Needing Anything), the Owner Of All Praise.” (A miracle which occurred through one of Allah’s friends.)

[Naml 27:41] Said Sulaiman, “Disguise her throne in front of her so that we may see whether she finds the way * or becomes of those who remain unknowing.” (*Recognises her throne.)

[Naml 27:42] Then when she came, it was said to her, “Is your throne like this? She said, “As if this is it! And we came to know about this incident beforehand and submit (to you).”

[Naml 27:43] And the thing she used to worship instead of Allah prevented her; she was indeed from the disbelieving people.

[Naml 27:44] It was said to her, “Enter the hall”; and when she saw it she thought it was a pool and bared her shins *; said Sulaiman, “This is only is a smooth hall, affixed with glass”; she said, “My Lord, I have indeed wronged myself, and I now submit myself along with Sulaiman to Allah, the Lord Of The Creation.” (* In order to cross it)