Section 3

[Qasas 28:22] And when he turned his attention towards Madyan he said, “It is likely that my Lord will show me the right path.”

[Qasas 28:23] And when he came to the water of Madyan he found a group of men, watering their animals; and away from them he found two women restraining their animals; he said, “What is the matter with you?” They said, “We do not water our animals till all the shepherds water and take away their animals; and our father is very old.”

[Qasas 28:24] Therefore Moosa watered their animals for them, and then turned towards the shade and said, “My Lord! I am in need of the sustenance you may send down for me.”

[Qasas 28:25] So one of the two women approached him, walking shyly; she said, “My father is calling you, in order to give you wages because you watered our animals for us”; when Moosa came to him and had told him the story, he said, “Do not fear, you are safe from the unjust people.”

[Qasas 28:26] One of the two women said, “O my father! Employ him – indeed a strong and trustworthy employee is better.”

[Qasas 28:27] He said, “I wish to give you one of these two daughters of mine in marriage, the bridal money being that you work for me for eight years; then if you complete ten years, it will be from you; and I do not wish to put you in hardship; Allah willing, you will probably find me of the righteous.”

[Qasas 28:28] Said Moosa, “This is agreed between me and you; there shall be no claim upon me if I fulfil any of these two terms; and Allah is the Trustee upon this word of ours.”